There are few things I love more in this world than being in the mountains. Thankfully, I live close to the Rockies and, also thankfully, I became pretty close pretty fast with some pretty cool people over this past year.

In August I headed out to Canmore, Alberta with some friends from church for a little retreat/getaway. We stayed in a seriously stunning cabin and took a walk outside one afternoon to discover a nice little playground and forest. There was no TV or WiFi out there, so we were all forced to eat good food, have good conversation, and enjoy good company. How unheard of in this day and age!

The view was something else. We first got to the cabin at nighttime, so I didn’t even know we were surrounded by mountains. Then the next day it was really foggy outside and I made the mistake of saying, “Who would drop all this money on a place without having a view of the mountains?!” (Maybe I was hangry or something.) Then about 10 minutes later the fog cleared up, only to reveal the best view of the Three Sisters I’ve ever seen. Face palm.

Thanks for the good times, Canmore!