Internet, I am pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Ripley crew: George! We took little George home at the beginning of January this year and life has quite literally not been the same since. Raising a wee puppy is no joke (which I did not fully anticipate…)! George is only just over eight months old but already has quite the personality. Let’s all get to know him a little better:

Born on: November 9, 2016
Type of dog: Mini Goldendoodle
Weighs: 22 lbs
Breeders: Hearty K9s (who were really great to work with!)
Favourite activity: Playing fetch
Least favourite activity: Going on walks
Really has caught on to: “Sit,” going on long car rides and asking to go outside to do his business
Is still getting the hang of: Not biting people when he gets excited (but who isn’t working on their emotional intelligence?)
Most-loved toy: His pig, which is a little stuffy his breeders rubbed on George’s mom and sisters before we picked him up, so it smells like them. He’s chewed off this pig’s ears and tail, but it definitely brings a sense of home to wherever George is. Too cute
Favourite memory with George so far: One night Tim and I were laying on the couch watching Friends, and something came on that really made us laugh (like, hard). George was laying with us too, and while we were laughing he proceeded to hunch his back, turn his head to look over his shoulder at us, and give Tim and me MAJOR side-eye. Talk about unimpressed — it was seriously hilarious, like he was super embarrassed by us or something. This obviously only made us laugh harder!

Oh George, how sweet (and slightly cray) you are. I’m excited for this one to grow out of his rebellious teenage stage and into a calm, loyal dog. Thanks for being ours, George!